ЦДПП  The Russian language for foreigners
ЦДПП The Russian language for foreigners

Ограничение времени обучения:
60 дней
Место проведения:
Центр дистанционной профессиональной переподготовки (ЦДПП)
15 000.00 RUB

Описание курса




We offer you a distance course of the Russian language, intended for students - foreigners of engineering, technical and maritime profile, studying the Russian language. The course material is designed for the basic and main stages of training, when students study the basic concepts of the theory of the Russian language and fix them with practical types of exercises.

The course is built on the principle of interactive learning, it is informative. The educational process includes access to theoretical material, interactive exercises, online teacher consultations, and control of learning. The course consists of 4 modules, at the end of each online test is conducted in real time.